Why get a professional email service?

Business image is the most important asset of the business. It provides confidence to customers and assures that they are buying with someone reliable.  Business image influences the attitudes of not only customers but also employees, friends, family, influencers, etc.. It is difficult to build a strong business image in a highly crowded and competitive environment but Colin Group will help you get started.

For $189 Professional email set up includes:

 Acquire and set up  your domain

  • Configure domain registrar to “talk to” Gmail
  • Open up to five custom email accounts for your domain 
  • Test everything out to make sure it works
  • Provide you with a free guide to set up your email on your mobile device

When we're done, you'll have:

  • A professional @yourdomain.com email address
  • An email that you can check separately or forward to an existing account (We'll set this up for you)
  • The ability to use Gmail interface for your domain email
  • Dependable email from any web browser or mobile device

Remember, Business Image is fragile and every action by its leaders and employees matters in terms of creating people's sentiments. If sentiments are positive, people do positive word of mouth about the business that helps in lower customer acquisition and retention cost, better margins, higher employee loyalty, and positive image in the eyes of the community. But if sentiments are negative, the business could get into negative performance spirals.


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